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This Month

July 2016

This Months Seminars


Designers create for tomorrow that which does not exist today.

It's what they do - they create the future!.

Learn the process of design thinking which helps you best understand the immediate and future needs of your client. Design Thinking can be applied for any industry, project, product, service or outcome. Learn the Design Thinking process and how to best navigate empathy for the customer need, ideation, reality testing, prototyping and launch of your ideas to impact the world and your enterprise.



Digital socialisation is creating a demand for experience rich enterprise.

Our social indulgence and love for digital information is creating a social vacuum. It is driving the very real need for people to connect in person and enjoy rich experiences. These are a brilliant way to build brand, create loyalty and provide your customers with unique enterprise interaction. Being able to see how your customer perceives you is critical to your success and your brand. Following policy and procedures is only half the battle won. Ensuring customer expectations are met is the key to generating positive public relations, safe work environments and high performance outcomes that can be celebrated. 



Understanding people's patterns makes for greater leadership & work satisfaction for all

Every individual sees the world through his or her unique perspectives, some of which are shared, similar or different. Learn how to identify, work with and develop healthy perspectives, filters and schemas for productive performance.



Maximise work productivity and make it easy.


You can only achieve so much in a day! However this seminar will teach you how to double it. Learn how to maximise your time and be more productive in your endeavours. 

Next Month

August 2016


There is Leadership...and then there is INSPIRATIONAL Leadership!

Inspiring your staff, clients and stockholders is more than managing tasks or actions of operational concern. It’s about sharing passion, living the dream and modelling the way for your audience. Learn how to re-ignite your passion and inspire others. Discover how potent your passion for your enterprise can model and inspire those around you.



Often in the pursuit of following policy and procedure we overlook the human element.

This course re-aligns an organisations activity and focus to advance leadership which supports quality OHS and a human-centered practice. This approach supports people performance and informs leaders with an alternative skill to just following policy and procedures. You will learn the power of truth, evolution, personal and corporate Architecture in order to maximise productivity, workplace satisfaction and creating an enterprise branded as an the employer of choice.



Stress occurs when one's passion and profession is out of alignment.

Lead with passion and motivate your staff to perform from their truth. This counter balances the see-saw of stress and resilience. Developing high performing teams and staff may create increased levels of stress at times. Learn how to manage stress, build resilience and drive intrinsic motivation in your teams.



Careers are in a constant flux. Learn how to surf the career transition wave.

Having a better understanding of career transition helps staff develop a career strategy with impact. Learn the five stages of career transition and how to best plan your work performance through these stages. 

Next Months Seminars

Seminars held In Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide and Perth.


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