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critical skills

social intelligence

Each year thousands of secondary school students graduate with the best intentions but are undermined by their addiction to a self-curated obsession around social and digital connectivity. 
Never before has there been an urgent need for students to understand their social intelligence (in person and online) and distinguish between healthy and unhealthy practice. Understanding how to recognise and navigate the challenges of social media lure, connectivity, influence and off-lining is a critical skill. Arm your students with the knowledge and practical behaviours to overcome reliance and obsession with social and digital media.





social intelligence skills for secondary students
MeBook is a 2 hour workshop designed
for secondary school students to better understand healthy and unhealthy behaviours around
socialisation, connectivity and interaction
both digitally and in person.


MeBook is designed and delivered by Educators, Counsellors and Performance Coaches. The MeBook workshop provides useful interaction, information and tools to help shape the next generation of secondary graduates. It is important that we have our next generation develop a healthy relationship with their digital media and maintain a positive and productive psychology as they exit the secondary school environment. 


The workshop is designed for senior secondary students years 10 - 12 with activity and emersion in the content.


For over 30 years Nelson Education has been supporting Education in Australia. We want to support your students, the next generation of Australia and add your school to the MeBook movement.  

 Participants will learn how to;


  • Identify and address of social media addiction

  • Prioritise social and digital media as a tool focused on using it to impact one’s achievement. 

  • Discriminate between connection in person and digital

  • Understand evidenced based fact checking 

  • Stop third party commercial interest manipulating their digital interaction

  • Identify valuable and harmful audience groups

  • Shut down and turn off digital connectivity for a healthy life



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